Sacrifice Beads

December 17, 2010

Have you ever heard of Sacrifice Beads (also known as Good Deed beads)? They are a small set of moveable beads used to count sacrifices and acts of love.

St. Therese of the Little Flower used a set of sacrifice beads as a child. Each time she preformed a selfless act or good deed, she pulled a bead from the knotted side to the side with the Cross. Her goal each day was to move all 10 beads closer to the Cross, just as she was growing closer to Christ. It was a challenge to herself to grow in holiness.

The sacrifice beads can be used as an "exercise in virtue." Count your sacrifices and good deeds, or force yourself to pull a bead each time you give in to a vice (ie, every time you snap at someone).

I've used my beads many times to keep track of my prayers when I can't find my rosary. It's also replaced the rosary in my purse; it doesn't tangle as much!

These beads can be used to count many things!

 Above you can see a set of Sacrifice Beads, (which will soon be) available in my Shoppe. This is a nice set made from a miniature cross and a St. Therese medal, with beautiful Czech glass beads.

Below are two other sets I've made:

My own old, worn out set
Czech glass beads and larger medals; for the Shoppe

Sacrifice beads can be made in many styles.

The most typical way that these are made are by weaving ten beads onto a string: one side has a medal of St. Therese (to remind us of her holy life, which is a model for us, and to ask her to pray for us), and the other end has a Cross. Other medals may be used.

Another, older, way is to use a knot instead of a medal.
Some people add an extra bead, like the instructions below show.

Any quality of supplies can be used. Pony beads and plastic crosses are popular with groups of kids. You can use metal crosses and glass beads. Strings can vary from various strings, cords, and twine to embroidery thread.

I was going to make a tutorial, but I found a well written and beautifully photographed tutorial online. { The Little Ways } graciously gave me permission to use their instructions on the blog!

How to Make Sacrifice Beads


Bracelets-- Some of you may remember my old post on the craft fair. I mentioned that a lady was making sacrifice bead bracelets. I've found her online: { Good Deed } She uses tunnel cap beads, lobster clasps, and curb chain to make the string of beads into a bracelet.
This bracelet is very elegant

Here she used "mood beads" that change color!


P.S. Don't forget to check out my post on Christmas Photography. It has been updated with some new photos! 

P.P.S. I managed to delete/lose an entire memory card of photos of my jewelry, including pictures for a tutorial. I won't have time for another photoshoot until sometime next week, so my next post might be late. :(

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  1. I love this post. I have been looking for these for my daughters. Good stuff!


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