Helpful Chainmaille Links

July 17, 2010

Maille Artisians International Leauge This website has a huge number of weaves, including descriptions of traditional historical weaves and the newer, decorative weaves. While some of their tutorials are confusing, this is the place to go with all chainmaille questions. Look here for inspiration, too.

CG Maille Computer generated images that clearly explain the weaves. Best tutorials I have found.

UnkamenGifts' Flickr Wonderful tutorials, although sometimes a step or two is left out.

Etsy The online site for everything handmade. Type "chainmaille", "chainmaille jewelry" or any number of chainmail related words into the search bar. You can purchase other artisian's work, or simply look for inspiration. You can also purhase quality handmade jumpring supplies here.

I'm sure there are other good sites out there-- these are just the ones that I find the most helpful. Chainmaille is a relatively small niche in the jewelry community, so instructions can be scarce. Of course, it is quite easy to find instructions on making chainmail armor-- but that takes FOREVER.

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