How can I request a piece of custom jewelry from your Shoppe?
Just email me at shealynnsfaerieshoppe@gmail.com with your ideas, and I'll work with you to design the perfect piece!
I specialize in wirewrapping, beading, and chainmaille, but am flexible with other techniques as long as they don't require specialty tools (ie, I can't do enameling at the moment). Custom orders can take up to 3 weeks to complete if they require supplies that I don't keep in stock. Please note that I will not copy another artist's design, but if you choose to include inspiration photos I will keep that "look" in mind.

PLEASE NOTE: I will be closing my custom orders queue in August 2013, when I leave for college. After that, I will only accept custom orders on a case-by-case basis because I will not be able to keep all of my tools in my dorm.

Can I guest post on your blog? Will you write a guest post on my blog?
Probably! I welcome guest posts-- check out these lovely ones that have been posted previously!
I'm usually very busy so there is not a guarantee that I will be able to make time to write a guest post for your blog, but it can never hurt to email me! I don't bite! I do usually ask to be able to re-post longer guest posts, like tutorials, on my own blog after a month or so.

Can you help me with a jewelry/craft technique that I'm struggling with?
Sure! Never hesitate to email (or facebook, or tweet) with questions about specific techniques. If it's something that I've done before, I will do my best to help you out!

How do you spell your name?
My real name is spelled "Shaylynn." I started this blog when I was 14 years old, and thought it would be cool to use "Shealynn," a spelling that my parents had originally considered. These two spellings have led to a lot of confusion-- and even me being called "Shee-ah-lynn" in real life by people who first knew me from my blog! (Shealynn is pronounced the same way as Shaylynn!) I've thought about changing my blog name but most of the domains I want are taken.

Will you make a tutorial for a piece of jewelry on your Shoppe?
It takes me a long time to make the jewelry on my Shoppe, and most of the designs are original. I've made many tutorials for simpler pieces and even a few of my own complicated original designs, but if I haven't made a tutorial for it yet, it means that 1) I haven't had the time, or 2) I don't want to share step-by-step instructions. As one of my friends once said, if you are really set on copying one of my pieces, the fastest way is to buy it and try to reverse-engineer it! However, you can let me know what types of things you'd like to see more tutorials for and I will keep it in mind. :)

May I sell items I make using your tutorials?
Yes, IF you credit me properly. You need to cite me (ShaylynnAnn or Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe) in any listings on your website or shop, and if you want to be really nice (or if you are writing a blog post) you'll link back to my tutorial blog post. If you use one of my tutorials as a starting point for a project but create a piece quite different from any of mine, you don't have to cite me but it is still good manners.

How did you learn drawing/painting/jewelry-making/etc?
I am primarily self-taught. I've had some art lessons-- little summer camps at the library when I was a kid and two years working with a local teacher as a teenager, but almost everything I've learned I've learned from experience, books, and the almighty Google.
I'm really excited to study art and design when I head off to college!

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