3 More Ways to Wear a Hair Fork -- For Long Hair

June 13, 2014

Hair forks are two-pronged hair sticks which can be very decorative and can hold up complicated buns for an entire day! I've made a bunch in the past week (five of which are pictured above) and during this time I've experimented with different ways of wearing the hair forks.

To learn how to do 5 different hairdos using the basic twist bun, please visit my blog post from earlier this week.

The following 3 hairdos are designed for those with longer hair-- at least shoulder bone length, I'd say. These styles are slightly more complex but still very easy to do. I recommend that those with long hair use large size hair forks-- 3 to 5 inch prongs. If you have especially thick hair, try a hair fork with wide prongs.

You can find all the hair forks I currently have in stock here, or send me an email at shealynnsfaerieshoppe {at} gmail.com for a custom piece.

Click "READ MORE" to see the picture and video tutorials:

(Hair forks pictured above and in the tutorial: Purple and Gold Twilight Hair Pin Fork and Midnight Blue Celtic Hair Fork).


1. Start by gathering your hair as if you were going to make a ponytail. Wherever you hold your hand is where the bun will be situated. This bun can be worn high or it can be worn as a chignon. 

2. Fold (don't twist) the hair up around the front of your non-dominant hand.

3. The next step is complex to explain, and I recommend you watch the video. Basically, after you have the hair folded around your hand, you take the remaining tail and coil it under your palm, around the "ponytail" part of the bun.

4. Here's a shot from the side to illustrate.

5. Insert the hair fork by sliding it along your fingers, through the big loop you made with the hair folded around your hand.

6. Finish inserting the hair stick. As always, the movement is not "push." You need to weave the fork by going back and forth, then wiggling up and down through the middle of the bun. Again, watching the video will be helpful.


(Pictured: Art Nouveau Blue Flower Copper Hair Fork)


1. Begin as if you were making an ordinary twist bun. Hold your hair as if you were making a ponytail, and twist the tail.

2. Instead of coiling around each previous coil, coil under the previous coils. 

4. Take the top coil and lift it up so that it separates from the bottom coil. Hold it up against your head.

5. Just another picture showing this process.

6. Secure with a hair fork!

Since the lighting in my video wasn't the best, here's a better picture of a figure 8 bun. The picture is from "Lady Long Locks" and was found here.



Although this takes the longest to do (about one minute after you get some practice), I like it the most because it both looks fancy and feels incredibly secure. 

1. Make a half updo twist bun and temporarily secure it.

2. Make another twist bun directly below it. 

3. Don't use all the hair for the second twist bun. Instead, take the very end of the tail and coil it up around Bun #1 then back down around Bun #2. Watch the video if that didn't make sense. :)

4. Secure with a hair fork.

5. When securing with the hair fork, be sure that you weave through BOTH buns in an up-and-down motion, or else the hold will not be secure.

I especially love wearing hair forks inserted from the bottom. I don't know why but it feels a little more modern-elegant.


P.S. Can I just say, making video tutorials can lead to some really bizzare screencaps... 

Anyway, if you do any of these hairstyles or come up with any other hairdos with my hair forks (or forks of your own), let me know in the comments or via email or facebook, etc! :)

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