7 Quick Takes Friday

May 30, 2014

I'm back home for the summer, and I'm working on Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe full time!

Between summer classes, volunteering, and wanting to put in a lot of time into jewelry design and artwork this summer, I wasn't looking forward to going back to my previous summer job. After talking to my parents about plans for my Shoppe and figuring how much it could hurt (or hopefully help!) me financially, I decided to jump into this thing headfirst. This is my summer of risk; this is my summer of spending my time getting to do the things I love.

Speaking of working on my Shoppe full time, my dad built me a workroom!!! THIS IS THE BEST GIFT EVER! Well, okay, not literally ever, as my parents have given me many wonderful gifts over the years, including, you know, being a part of this family ... but... this is so exciting you don't even understand. We partitioned off a corner of the separate garage, and I have a workbench and cabinet and shelves and office space and I AM SO EXCITED. This is especially nice to have my own space to work in, with natural light-- my sister and I are in a smaller bedroom now and the "back room" in the basement is awfully musty. I've barely left my workroom since we finished building it, guys!

I am moving from Artfire to Etsy, and in the process I am putting several items on sale! These sales still have one or two unsold pieces, so check them out. Both are for 50% off. More information on these sales are on my facebook page.

Please visit my new Etsy page, where all my items will be sold from now on.

Why am I leaving Artfire? Mostly because the monthly price is going up compared to the deal I had before. Artfire had a lot of things going for it-- they don't micromanage the way Etsy does-- but Etsy is far more well-known as an artisan marketplace and my stats have been much better there.

Hello again, blog! Yes, I finally plan to start blogging for real this time. Now that I don't have classes, homework, meetings, and events for approximately twelve hours every day, I have enough time to breathe. It's a little disheartening to see how much I've let my blog rust recently.

So.... Dad bought a 3D printer.


He's wanted one of these for years. My entire family is fascinated by the technology. We're going to have so much fun with this-- just as soon as we get it fully set up! Hopefully my siblings and I can all learn 3D modeling really, really quickly so we can start printing our own pieces. This technology is beyond amazing!

I can barely believe that my freshman year of college is over. So much has happened, and so much has changed in my life, that it is overwhelming to even think of discussing it without spending hours upon hours doing so. Life is like that; it's so full that no matter what you do, you can't fully share your experiences with anyone. Sometime I'd like to write deep words about this past year, but right now my life is so full of new things to do, and old friends to get back in touch with, that I won't butcher it by attempting to.

One thing that is very, very nice about being back home: being back home. I love my family. Being away from home, our local parish, and local groups of family friends is making me realize more and more what a blessing it is to be part of a big, eccentric, sarcastic, loving, geeky family. I also love living out "in the country" (even though we aren't far from town). Cities are great and all, but nothing beats taking a hike or bike ride through honeysuckle-ridden woods any time you want.

Today was a good work day, as evidenced by the fact that my fingertips are now very sore. I made an Eowyn inspired jewelry set, a statement necklace with vintage medals, and a replica of Queen Geuinevere's circlet in Merlin (currently I only have a picture of it on Instragram; I'm going to properly photograph it and upload it this weekend).

7 Quick Takes is a blog meme hosted at Conversion Diary.

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  1. Your jewelry is beautiful! I started playing around with jewelry making a little over year ago. I enjoy it, but it is just a hobby for me. I stick to easy stuff. :)

  2. So glad you are back! I missed your lovely/nerdy/crazy/beautiful posts :)

    Your family is BEAUTIFUL! I love your dress in that pic :)

    The jewelry is awesome as always :) I especially like the circlet!

  3. Mary! Thanks so much. :) It's good to be back, indeed! I'm in the middle of another post right now... :)


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