More Old Drawings

April 24, 2010

These are fom the past year or two or so.


From 2008, picture of an Elf from my imagination

Random thing for school 2008

Random thing for school 2008

Okay, this takes some explaining... if you think it looks weird you are right. I did this art thing over at the senior high when I was 13 and they said that you had to made the number 11 say something about you. Very.... interesting. So I drew 13 fairies, because I was 13 and have always loved fairies. Each of them are doing things I enjoy: reading, writing, dryawing, acting, being silly, dancing, etc. I had that sword thing from King Arthur because I love myths and legends, the castle because I love fantasy, the AWESOME quote by G.K. Chesterton who has since become one of my favorite authors. I shoved in tons of other references, too. :P I wound up getting third place, which was really weird, because I was like 7th grade and all the other people there were juniors and seniors. I got a portfolio out of it, which was awesome.

2009 A fun little sign for the dressing room door at the theater during Pirates of Penzance

Pastel. 2007?

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