May 10, 2010

Aragorn! Aragorn and Sam are tied for my all time favorite Lord of the Rings character. The day after I finished my Gandalf drawing, my brother immediantly printed out a poster of Aragorn and told me that I must draw it.

So I did! The picture had strange lighting... It made Aragorn look angry rather than kingly. I tried fixing that in my drawing, but I messed up the eyes a bit. It looks like he's got a black eye... I've fixed that but haven't taken a photo of the fixed drawing. :P

I spent a good four hours on this drawing. I'm not sure, though; I lose track of time! Honestly, I get as caught up in artwork as I do when reading a book. And let me tell you-- I can never put books down. If I am interrupted, I go about doing everything distractedly, wondering what will happen... running off to read the first availble moment... Art is like that, too!!!

Here is the Work In Progress:

The chainmail. Oh, I have no words for the chain mail... I have no idea how to do it, and my usual technique of "just do it and see what happens" didn't yeild the results I wanted,

My facebook status at this point said: "Some people are able to patiently spend hours drawing realistic chainmail. After five minutes, I realized that I shall never count myself among their number. Hello, sqiggles."

L. reminded me that squiggles will never protect said drawing in the event of a spear thrust...

But squiggle-mail must Aragorn don, because this artist ain't got that kind of patience.

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  1. Fantastic job! I'm planning on doing a drawing of that poster too. Great minds think alike, right? =D


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