O Tannenbaum

December 23, 2011

I am finally on Christmas break-- that glorious time with no school and nothing to do but enjoy time with your family (and spend any leftover time doing artwork!).

I'm looking forward to Mass tommorrow night and then our tradition of eating pizza, baking Santa cookies, and reading The Night Before Christmas (and each year it gets harder and harder to fit all 8 of us on one single couch for Dad to read us that book!). This year my littest brother is old enough to understand what Christmas is all about-- he was so cute this morning when he said that Jesus was even smaller than he is!-- and he's also sooo excited about the presents.

Anyway, I made you all a pretty little Christmas tree. :)

I can't take credit for this idea; I'd seen a photo with a tree made out of stacked up books online a couple of months ago-- maybe on Pinterest? I can't find it now, though.
(part of my destroyable books series... only this one didn't destroy any books except the couple of pages used to make the bow/star. You'll be seeing a tutorial on that very soon.)


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