Lack of updates? Oh my!

October 05, 2009

Here are reasons for the upcoming lack of updates:

1) School. High school, to be precise. Homeschooling with Kolbe Academy and honors in most subjects typically eats up alot of time.

2) Family. We are still trying to sell our house, Dad is commuting for the time being, my grandpa is sick, and we have lots of activities.

3) Sports. I am playing volleyball, and 4 out of 5 siblings are doing other sports. When I don't have volleyball myself, I am babysitting various siblings while Mom takes the others to practices/games/tournaments. This should be over come last week of October.

4) A very big sewing project. I will spend most of my free time making my second ever sewing project (barring one doll dress- techinically my first project- I made up my own pattern for that, that didn't count). I am going to keep you in the dark, but I promise I will post pictures of it when I am finished! Oh, I should get someone to take a picture of me in my first every sewing project, and post that. :)

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