My Brothers' Stuff

June 29, 2010

Arts, crafts, and crazy creativeness might not be the biggest thing in our family, but every now and then I convince my brothers to join me.

Ben has done some excellent drawings and poems, and William and Nick have both written some pretty good stories. But I don't have pictures of those.

But I do have these pictures to share:

SOME of the rings William made (I made the top right one for his Aragorn costume, but he made the rest without help):

A balloon William drew on for Mother's Day. It is our house with a "SOLD" sign. (We've been trying to move for... a long time.)

Ben, working on a drawing. He worked on it the same time I was working on my Aragorn. I think he got discouraged that my drawing actually turned out OK-- he gave up on it. :( He got pretty far and pretty good, though.

Ben is working on a rosary now, and I am teaching 3 of my brothers chainmaille. :)

My 2 year old brother had to join the fun, of course:

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