The Grand Finale

December 08, 2011

I've decided to stop apologizing about not posting very often. Real life is more important than what happens on the computer, and that's that.

(For the record, though... I am not this behind on the 30 Day Drawing Challenge. I was only a little over a day behind. Our scanner is only hooked up to one computer, though, and it happens to be the laptop that Dad had brought to work for the past several days).

Day 23: Something You Need

I stole Lydia's lovely idea-- of course, Our Savior is someone I need!

Gouache paint, based off of an icon on a prayer card. 4X6 as usual.

Day 24: A Couple

I thought about being all smartypants and drawing something like a couple socks or a couple dragon claws or something... but then I decided that this idea floating around in my head was just too cute.
Gouache paint.
Day 25: Scenery

Due to a very unfortunate spill, the backside of the Couple painting got smeared with paint. Now, I did the entire 30 Day Drawing Challenge in one little notebook, and was running low on pages. I had to do the Scenery drawing on this smeared peice of paper... I ran with it and smeared more paint on randomly and then drew random cartoony scenery stuffs in sharpie. I call it the Magic of Random Paint Spills-- An Abstract Study of the Biochemistry of Gryphons. It's a masterpeice and will someday hang in a museum.

Day 26: Something You Don't Like

I don't dislike Rubik's Cubes. It's just the fact that my little brother can solve the entire thing in two minutes flat, while I... well, I can't even solve one side of it! ;)

Day 27: Someone You Love

When you can't decide who to draw because you love so many people... it's always safe to draw the cutest littlest dude around. Meet my brother, King of the Laundry Basket (we didn't have a mountain handy). Complete with the paper crown handmade by our eight year old sister.

Day 28: Anything You'd Like

Feeling a little nostalgic for Autumn. We just had our first sprinkle of snow and first frost to last beyond the sun's waking.

Day 29: A Place You Want To Go

A ticket to Middle Earth? You shouldn't have. Aww, thanks. YOUR'E THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!

(Here's another unforunate spill at work. My india ink made a nice big blot right on the bottom left corner. I did my best to fix it with some guoache paint and stained the entire map brown. Now I'm not sure if it looks all cool and aged, or all messed up and stained!)

Day 30: A Congrats Banner

I meant it when I said I was running out of paper! This is drawn on the back cover of my sketchbook. Sharpie and a wee bit of white watercolor.

30 Day Drawing Challenge at Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe

Here's the linky... sorry it's so late... go ahead and use a seperate link for each of your drawings, or a single one, or whatever. :)

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  1. A Teenaged IconographerDecember 8, 2011 at 7:40 PM

    Hello, Shealynn.

    First, let me thank you for your blog, it is always so much fun to read. :-)

    Second, I love your "Someone I need." And allow me tell you why. I am an iconographer, someone, who by the grace of God, has the blessing to make icons. I could tell by your icon that you obviously are very talented and could pick up iconography very, very quickly. (It's much better than my first attempts, by far.)

    Now if you are going to continue? That's your choice. But, if you are interested, leave a comment under this one and I'll teach you how to paint an icon, and some of the Theology behind it, it's not art. It's a window into heaven.

    In Christ,
    A Teenaged Iconographer

  2. I love your map of Middle earth. Just so you know it does look aged. :D

  3. Congratulations on finishing! I've loved seeing your myriad of illustrations, they're so charming. =)

  4. Hahaha, I know how you feel about rubiks cubes. I used to hate them. And then my best friend showed me how to take them apart--literally--and put them back together in less than a minute. And now I have a fetish with them. :)

  5. Dear Teenaged Iconographer-- thank you for your kind comments! I am certainly interesting in learning about iconography. However, you didn't leave any website or contact information... generally the best way to get in contact with me would be through my Shoppe email: shealynnsfaerieshoppe {at}

    Thank you, everyone!

    And Teresa-- that's quite the feat!

  6. Teenaged IconographerDecember 12, 2011 at 4:40 PM

    (Sorry I didn't leave any contact- but I don't have a blog.)

    Alrighty then! I learned from a master iconographer, and I can send you via email the graphs he sent me to learn off of. These graphs will help you learn to do exactly what St. Luke did when he wrote the first icon of Mary. It may take a day or two though. I'll also send you the ancient iconographer's prayer. I'll also give you little hints here, because it might be a week before I can send anything to you. :-P

    Before I say anything, I will tell you now that I am not a Roman Catholic, but am a Greek Orthodox Christian and I will not be able to help you when it comes to portraying Post-Schism Roman Catholic saints. But if we stick to PRE-Schism saints (there's TONS of good ones), the most holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, and Christ, we'll be just fine. :-)

    Alright, now for the MOST IMPORTANT hints in iconography, that are more about the heart than the paint. :-)

    1. I once was helping a nun paint a chapel, when she stopped me and told me in her quiet accent, "You don't need to think when you do icons. Too much thinking is not good for the process, quiet your mind so that God can speak through your heart." This is probably the most helpful thing anyone has ever told me about iconography. Once I hushed all my thoughts, like, "Hm... I wonder why so-and-so said that?", and started whispering in my heart, "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, heal me." my painting improved greatly. You don't have to think- in iconography, you are God's paintbrush, so, since paintbrushes don't think, neither do I.

    2. Don't sign your work. Everything in iconography is anonymous. Notice that you don't know my name. This is God's doing, not mine. (I don't think it's horrid or anything that you signed your attempt- how would you know? And plus, I did at first too. :-) Dates are fine.

    3. You're supposed to fast while painting as an act of humility, (as in no meat, dairy, oil, and wine [that one is easy, huh?[) BUT, since my family is not capable of fasting at the moment, it is the more humble thing to chuck this rule and be humble, and by golly, eat that cheese burger. ;-) In Greek we call it oikonomia! Opa! :-)

    Alright. So that's all that needs to come out of my big blubber mouth. Well, except for one thing that I thought you might think is cool.

    So you know the Greek letters inside Christ's halo? It is "o own," "I am" in English. It's like when Moses asked, "Who are you?" And God replied, "I am."

  7. Teenaged IconographerDecember 13, 2011 at 2:15 PM

    I spent an hour writing out an email- but nothing I could say was better than what was said on these websites-

    Happy painting!


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