Skylines and Turtles

May 16, 2013

I've grown up in semi-rural and suburban areas, so cities always overwhelm me. However, there is definitely something beautiful about all the hustle-and-bustle and the strangely crowded buildings. Last weekend, we visited some family in Chicago for my cousin's baptism. It was my first trip to the Windy City, and the only sightseeing we did was a stroll along Lake Michigan.

That walk was beautiful and eerie. The lake is practically an ocean, and it even has a proper beach. After driving by so many crowded streets it was strange to walk on the beach and see no more people than I see hiking in the woods at home.

The pier, snuggled between a gray sky and cold gray water, was empty, but we could still see the busy skyline from a distance.

It was a lovely trip and I took some really cool pictures with my family!

There's been this strange sense of unreality for me lately-- it's probably one of those things most teens get when preparing to graduate high school and "start being adults." When we came back home and I had a bit of free time after school and work, I went hiking in our local woods. These are the same trails that I've walked and biked for three years, but the powerful scent of honeysuckle and the heavy, damp forest air made it feel more like a fairytale adventure than one of the crisp hikes I'm used to.

 I know I'm being florid right now. Oh well. Bloggers are allowed to do that sometimes.

And look! I found a woodhollow tree!

I ran into two box turtles on my walk. These fellows are anything but shy! When I got up close and personal to this turtle, he nonchalantly chewed a sprig of grass and kept his quizzically distant gaze fixed on my camera lense. All he needs is a pair of sunglasses and he'll pull of the "cool dude" look really well!

THIS turtle, however, did nothing but glare at me.

Flowers don't glare. They explode like fireworks instead.

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