Having Fun with Calligraphy -- Thank You cards

November 12, 2015

I may be behind in posting any artwork from my classes and recent commissions and very behind in updating the blog with pictures from my Shop, and extremely behind in posting about small arts and crafts projects/tutorials-- but that's not going to stop me from making a just-because post with one of those countless just-because projects!

I had some thank-you cards that needed to be sent. Normally I use some of the dozens of handmade cards my mom collected during the couple of years she swapped cards at her friend's Stampin' Up parties (stamping version of scrapbooking parties). But I didn't have any because I was at school!

I did have a set of Tombow brush pens for calligraphy, though! I made these "Thank You" cards one night after class when I really needed to chill. (The scanner took away the awesome shimmer of the silver gel pen, unfortunately).

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