Rosie's Fashion Blog Post {Guest Blogger}

December 23, 2015

Hello! I'm Rosie.

You may have seen me on this blog before (Shaylynn is my big sister), but this is the first time I've made a blog post myself. 

Today I would like to share an outfit that I designed. 

My fashion style is girly and athletic. I love to wear comfy dresses that look nice and make me feel special but that I can run around in and play. 

For this outfit, I am wearing my favorite dress. It is a knit blue dress that is as comfy as sweatpants. I am wearing a scarf, my boots, and my older sister Shaylynn did my hair. She twisted my hair back into a braided bun.

The scarf is my favorite part because I MADE IT!

It is a silk scarf that started white.


We painted on it starting with a resist that keeps part of the scarf white.

Then we started coloring in the roses Shaylynn helped with. I drew all of the leaves. We got some blue to make the background. It has a frame of orange-ish yellow that has red swirls around it. 

When we were done painting the scarf, we put it in the dryer for five minutes and ironed it totally flat so that the colors would stay. Then we dunked it in water to get out the resist and let it air dry.

You can see the roses and leaves and just a little bit of the swirls on the edge.

In this picture I am wearing Shaylynn's rosary bracelet that is a full small rosary that folds into a bracelet.

There are so many ways you can wear a scarf and it's fun to find them out.

I am learning how to edit pictures in Photoshop.

In this picture I tied my scarf so it makes me think of Paris.

It is fun to swirl around in this outfit!

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  1. Addie, this is a wonderful blog, you look so grownup. I love the outfit, you are quite the fashionista, and have great style. The scarf is just beautiful just like you are. Keep up the good work, we are proud of you. See you soon Love.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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