Entwife Circlet { Photoshoot }

March 07, 2016

When Spring unfolds the beechen leaf, and sap is in the bough;
When light is on the wild-wood stream, and wind is on the brow;
When stride is long, and breath is deep, and keen the mountain-air,
Come back to me! Come back to me, and say my land is fair!

-The song of the Ents and Entwives in The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien

The commissions that make me the happiest are the crazy, intricate ones that I weave every ounce of magic into that I can. The Entwife headpieces (this is the fourth version) are among my favorites: they are crafted from pinecones, Czech glass, copper oxidized to several rich shades, creamy pearls, and weeping-willow chains.

I was thrilled to have a chance to take such beautiful photographs before shipping this piece out! Four friends joined me in a local park and we pranced around the autumn leaves right before sunset.

The original Entwife circlet was designed for a friend's Lord of the Rings costume just as I was beginning to sell jewelry. Since then, I've made some other variations; see those pictures herehere, and here.

This latest version featured extra wirewrapping and more beads than ever before. I also used six, yes, six, shades of green leaves. I believe it is being worn for a wedding this month!

The details show up better here; thank you to C. for being another model! You can see how much different head sizes affect the way that the headpiece fits.

I will be sharing additional pictures from our photoshoot soon!

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