Moon Phase Initial Necklaces

May 24, 2016

lassy grown-up friendship necklaces? Tiny sterling silver moon phases? Yes, please! Have I mentioned before how much I love custom orders? Collaboration really does lead to some awesome things. Like moon phase initial necklaces (plus a keychain).

These are inspired by the little heart necklaces we all had when we were twelve and a half and wanted to prove that we were the best BFFs in the whole wide world. Except these are much nicer than plastic hearts.

These necklaces began life as a sheet of sterling silver. I cut each shape out with a handsaw, hammered it to create the mares (who else took astronomy?), drilled the holes, filed the edges, and cut the jump rings!

...but wait! There's more!

The initials of each of the four friends!

Round two of the moon necklaces.

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