Celtic Knotwork Tutorial | Marker Method

July 26, 2016

A few years ago, I filmed myself drawing some celtic knots for my YouTube channel (back in the day when I was trying to vlog regularly). Since then I've had a small but constant stream of people asking me to make an actual tutorial.

I'm still very much learning myself, but after several years of being ridiculously obsessed with celtic knotwork and other ornamental patterns, I think I've got a grip on the very basic techniques.

In trying to teach my little sister I realized that some of the techniques I used could be simplified by drawing basic celtic knots (rectangularly-based) with thick markers.

And so I took a break from regular work to tackle a little break-neck-speed tutorial video. Hopefully the video is better quality than what you've seen on my channel before; this tutorial was really an excuse to try out new recording equipment and learn new editing softwares for other projects in the future.:)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Here's Part 1:

Part Two deals more with the walls, which split the celtic knots up and make the really cool, interesting designs. It shows how primary grid walls always bounce the bands, whereas secondary grid walls sometimes create interesting lines and loops.

I really recommend that you sit down and try to copy the knots in the videos; the concepts usually don't "click" until you experiment on your own!

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