Shop Sale, Christmas 2017

November 18, 2017

With Christmas coming up and a move coming for me, I'm running a big sale on my Etsy shop!

There is now a clearance section with items up to 70% off!

I am running additional sales for 10%-40% off of other select items.

Thank you to everyone for being so supportive while I finish my bachelor's degree.

The shop has helped me to pay for college, but I've had to back off the shop a little bit during these last two semesters to really focus on my education. Thank you especially to everyone who was so understanding when I had to close commissions.

The queue for custom orders will open again in January 2018!

For now, check out the sales. Some of the smaller items would make great stocking stuffers for anyone who loves fairytale jewelry, and the larger items are great gifts! I'd love to send as many of these pieces to new homes so I don't have to pack them when I move out of my college apartment.

Once I graduate, I will finally have a bit of time to dedicate to the shop again. There are over fifty (yes, FIFTY) items in my inventory right now which have been to a craft fair or two but never made it online, and you will see those go up in a shop update in mid January. And, of course, I will be creating new pieces! Keep an eye out, 2018 should be a great year!

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