Giveaway Winner!

March 29, 2018

Hello Tolkienites!

It's been wonderful to get to know you (and your love of LotR) in the comments for the giveaway post!

Thank you for your patience-- I'm announcing the winner a couple days late due to unexpected travel and projects that couldn't wait. (This is also why I have five blog post drafts that aren't ready to post yet).

The entries closed on Friday, and today I get the honor of announcing the winner:

Gabrielle Holland

And her winning entry, randomly generated by Rafflecopter? Entry #20, to leave a comment on the blog post about your experiences with Lord of the Rings.

"Ive....never actually seen the movies before, or read the books, but i'd like to enter it for a gift for a friend that means the world to me and loves the series so much, she would be so happy to get this"

Gabrielle, it's wonderful that you're thinking about your friend and I hope that she loves this bracelet! If you ever want to try Lord of the Rings (movies or books-- the books are better but the movies are still good and less of a commitment!) I hope that you can share the experience with your friend! They're really, really good :)

You provided your email so I will send along an email-- and I can ship this directly to your friend with a gift card note if you'd like.

I do have more giveaway items for the future-- more handcrafted jewels in my personal hoard which haven't seen the light of day in some time-- but since I'm in a particularly busy period this month I will not announce the next giveaway for another week or two.

So keep an eye out for an upcoming giveaway, and in the meantime if you'd like to look at more of my jewelry and silks (all inspired in a roundabout way by my lifelong love of LotR!), I am running a sale on my Etsy site. There's free shipping on purchases over $35, several heavily, discounted items I'm clearing out of inventory, and a little promo code for blog readers this week: 10% off any non-customized item with promo TOLKIENFAN.


(This is a temporary post that I'll keep up for a couple of weeks; I'm also announcing the winner on the giveaway post page!)

Also-- it's really funny that I somehow attracted a bunch of people to this giveaway who seem completely and utterly disinterested in Lord of the Rings. I do extend a very warm welcome to all of you-- but I'm a little confused! :)

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