How to make an S hook

September 18, 2009

     One thing about tiny towns is that you can't find craft supplies... you are therefore forced to make your own. Case in point: S hooks.
     These are perfect for all your jewelry. They can easily be clasped with one hand (think bracelets) and aren't a pain to attach (think lobster claw clasps). Use with jump rings.

 Step One
Use round needlenose pliers to create a loop.

Step Two
 Take the wire and carefully twist it around your pliers as shown. Make sure you twist it the correct direction- opposite of the loop you just made.

Step Three
Cut the wire halfway down the curve you just created. Use your pliers to pinch the part you just cut- shown here:

Congratulations! You have made an S hook.

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  1. Thank you it has been a wonderful support, now to make an s hook is definitely simple utilizing your guidance. Thank you


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