Imported from my old blog... first attempts at Elvish jewelry!

September 12, 2009

EDIT: I've since made many, many more Elvish jewelries! 
In fact, almost half the jewelry featured on this blog are Elvish. 
I've got several tutorials (with more coming!) and I sell some on my shop

Elvish style jewlery

So... I have always loved the clothing and jewelry in The Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and other movies similar to those. I've always especially loved the Elven style. I fact, I love everything Elvish. I am hoping to make an Elven dress if we can get the supplies. It would be blue and silver... Anyway, I have always wanted Elvish style jewelry. Way back in 5th grade, I got an Evenstar necklace (for $3, when it normally was $10!)

(It's not as nice as this one- this is the "official" $100 diamond one)

I also love "medieval" "fairy" or "Celtic" style jewlery, which I dub as "Elven" since it really looks alot like it. :)

Since it is virtually impossible to find anything like this in Rolla, and even if you did, it would probably be very expensive, I decided I would try to make some for myself. I HATE WAL-MART. Let me say that again: I HATE WAL-MART. They took away 3/4 of their fabric, but their worst transgression is the fact that they have deprived their art section of anything of worth. Once upon a time you could find beads and wire, embroderiy floss, random craft sets, paints of all kinds, etc. Now all you can find are: premade bead necklaces, some scrapbook supplies, cheap kids crafts sets, and wedding decorations. I HATE WAL-MART.

To get to my point: There are no other craft supply/hobby stores in Rolla that I know of. (Unless you count that moldy one downtown). I had to deal with a small Ziplock baggie of leftover beads from old projects and thin floral wire. At a garage sale I found a small spool of thicker wire, but I already use it up in these projects... Dad had a pair of needlenose pliars that are really helpful.

My first attempt that didn't fall apart:

I was actually fairly proud of this next creation. I'm calling it an ear cuff. Sounds funny, I know, but what else should I call it?

Here is how it is worn:
(random girly thing- my hair looks curly in that picture! And not super frizzy... :P)
I think you would probably only wear one of these, and you can wear earrings with it, too.

I made these before I made the ear cuff I made "earrings" for Adelynn. She simply loves dress up and has been deploring the fact that her ears aren't peirced (keep delporing for 5 more years, Rosie!)

I also made a rock necklace:

This was laying on my desk, and so I just had to take a picture of it. I can't claim credit for this one: Rebecca made it. :)

Maybe next time I should lay a piece of white paper underneath when I take the picture...
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  1. Absolutely beautiful!

    - YDA

  2. Really Amazing, Like all but I wassearching for some special jewelries for my wedding in March.. Thanks.

    dsi r4

  3. Hi,
    Please tell me
    where can I get that "official" $100 diamond arwen evenstar pendant
    I searched everywhere...

  4. The Noble Collection has it. The price appears to have gone up, probably because of the upcoming Hobbit movie:,default,pd.html?affiliate=froogle&src=FRGL

    Google gave several more:*F%3F&GUID=9d08d05912b0a02676c68cc6fff97edc&itemid=290532836858&ff4=263602_309572

    The pictures aren't the same as the one in my post here, but they are all the same necklace-- the sterling silver replica.

  5. Thank you for the links,
    But that's the problem
    I have seen all of these already
    all of them very cheap looking with poor detailing... most use your photo, but send a cheap item, a real fraud

    I spoke to Jasmin Watson in person
    The one on your photo is not for sale anymore
    and cannot be bought

    This is the one made by her,
    Not even official website sells this...

  6. The jewelery designs are fantastic here. I think jewelery is also a vital part of fairy costumes. Princesses use to wear jewelery with fairy costumes.


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