October 05, 2009

I recently wrote an article in the FT-Fourm Newsletter about Elvish jewelry! Actually, it was that article that made me start a separate blog. I wanted to link to my personal blog, but that maybe wasn't a good idea since the audience is more than just the people on the fourm. So I created a separate one, which you are obviously looking at now, which I am pleased with. :)

The fourm, where I spend 90% of my computer time, is manned by faithfilled, crazy fans of Regina Doman (people like myself, in other words). We have interesting discussions on everything from religion to music, random discussions on everything from school to ear wax, and of course the Family Tree, which is a major roleplaying section. Book reviews by fellow teens, sharing and critiquing of art, poetry, and other scribblings... Anyways, it is wonderful.

I found a site called Issuu where you can publish documents online for free. So now I can actually link to it on my blog. :)

Here is the second issue of our newsletter. My article is on page 8 and my comic strip is on page 4. I suggest printing out the entire newsletter and reading all of it- it is worth it.

Click here to see it!

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