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October 11, 2009

 I remembered I had posted a "tutorial" on my personal blog, and thought I'd "import" it to this one. It is a "pen and pencil" drawing- my favorite mixture of artistic mediums. Don't forget to click "read more"! Here it is:

How to do a "pen and pencil" drawing, which is what alot of my artwork that are not sketches are.

1) Draw a rough sketch of the picture and trace the outline. This is usual the hardest part- especially picking out what you are going to draw!!! (btw I'm not left-handed, I was just erasing with that hand. lol)

2) Color in the main shadows with the pen. At this point, the picture should look like a half-finished ink drawing. (This usual takes the longest, because you are figuring out how you really want the picture to look.)

3) Pull out your trusty colored pencils, and...

... color it in! Use those shadows you colored in before! Don't be afraid to pull out your pens and go over any black line that gets smeared by pencil.

4) Add in shadows (you don't want your people floating in mid-air, do you?) and a background (I didn't draw a background on mine because the picture did not turn out the way I wanted it to...)
The effect is a fun picture with very dramatic lighting!

But WAIT! We're not done!

Step 5) Take pictures of the drawing from weird angles, just because you can!

and... 6) Post them on your blog because you think that the picture above is simply hilarious!

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