Wire Braiding-- Cuffs

August 26, 2010

My latest technique is braiding wire! I saw this technique used while browsing Etsy and Artfire, figured out that it was just braiding, and decided to give it a go!

But I soon learned that it is not "just braiding". I couldn't find anything to attach the wire ends to... the wire needs to stay flat... and you have to BEND rather than twist while braiding.

 This was my very first attempt. I clamped the wire in this thing Dad has in the garage... I'm not sure what its proper name is. I took a picture but can't seem to find it... (EDIT: It's called a clamp...)

 Here is the same strand as a bracelet! I cut the ends evenly, folded them over, and wrapped some of the gold colored wire around the ends. It was little, so I gave it to my sister.

My second braided strand-- this time I layered the three colors instead of having seperately colored strands.

Here it is as a bracelet/cuff, in just my size!

And Adelynn Rose posing with her "new favorite bracelet" and a rose.

One thing I found very helpful while braiding was to take each "strand" (which had two or three lengths of wire in it) and occasionally wrap a tie of wire on it. It helped tame the tangles.

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  1. Ooh, I love them. Especially the second, layered one. =)


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