Masquerade Event

August 25, 2010

Edit: Here is my entry:


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Hello, dear readers!I'd like to tell you about the online Masquerade event that I will be participating in. It is being hosted over at AmandaBeth Online. I recently discovered this sweet fashion blog (a discovery I should have made long ago, since many of my online friends follow it!).

Every now and then, AmandaBeth hosts an event, and this time it is a Masquerade! The details are HERE.

I almost laughed when I saw the post, because I just had a Sweet 16/Moving Away party with my friends, and guess what it was? A Masquerade! Not much of a Masquerade Ball, though. We dressed up, wore masks and costumes, and hung out around the half-packed house. Well, we did choreograph a crazy dance to Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera (we greeted the latecomers with the dance!) and we walked/danced around the neighborhood in full costume...

Anyways, I had made two posts about crafty things from the party, which I scheduled to publish in a few weeks. However, I am going to publish them early and make them far more in depth for this event!

The event does not start until August 31st; however, I am going to put my "entries" up on this blog today, because I won't be online the 31st.

(I also plan on making a post on how-to-make-masks and another craftsy thing I did for the party).

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