My Masquerade Costume

August 25, 2010

This post is for the Masquerade event over at AmandaBeth Online. You can read about it in this post.

Tinuviel Luthien
For my Sweet 16/Moving Away party, I had a masquerade party at home. My friends love costuming and acting, so everyone dressed up and adopted a character to act as when masks are on. You can see all of the masks on my Masquerade Masks post.

I wore my second sewing project and only costume-- my Elvish dress! Normally I go as Arwen, but changed my mind and adopted the character of Tinuviel Luthien. She is a Lord of the Rings character, although her only mention in the trilogy is in a ballad. She shows up in the Silmarillion quite a bit. (Gosh, now I'm sounding geeky. LOL-- that is because I am!)

First off is my mini-photoshoot (click to enlarge):

Searching for a berry.
With the cape!
Temporarily out of character and being Arwen.
Me, caught unawares by the camera.
Wearing the mask and a fun length of blue fabric.

There you go! Now, here are my accessories. I really went all out. ^_^ But, hey, its Lord of the Rings.
Almost all of these have a separate post. Please click those links to see a full post and often instructions.

My mask! I cut, painted, and glitterified it, then sewed the white feathers on. Then I glued and sewed on the flowers, feathers, and ribbons on the side. Next, I attached ribbon to tie it to my head. My friend "L", whose family used to live in Africa, gave me a porcupine quill from Africa for my mask. Hopefully you can see it peeking out the top. :)
See my post on the masks my friends and I made: ( HERE )
And how to make the masks: (coming soon)

As Luthien I wanted  to have a little something different than I have as Arwen. Plus I wanted to be able to take my crown on and off without tangles.
So I wore my Celtic Circlet.

Normally with this costume I would wear my first-ever crown: and Arwen's Banner.

And here is the cuff I made to match the Celtic Circlet! ( HERE )

Earrings. ( HERE )

Faery Midsummer Hair Clip
Elvish hair clips. ( HERE )

 I wore my Clay brooch/buckle (a replica of Arwen's, from her Chase costume in FotR) and a criss-cross ribbon on the front of the dress until the safety pins drove me nuts. ( HERE )

Of course, my little wire ring. ( HERE )

I wore my very first Evenstar that I made (which I had made to match this costume). Never mind that the Evenstar as a necklace only existed in the movies, and that Arwen, not Tinuviel, wore it; its Elvish, anyhow.
I finally got around to finding a pretty chain for it!
Instructions on making the Evenstar HERE.

The cape! My mom made it for me back in 4th or 5th grade for a Halloween costume. It just fits. I attached a pretty clasp to it before the party, something I wish I'd done earlier. Someday I would like to make a nicer cape. This one is really flimsy material!

The bag, earrings, and my Evenstar again. So purty. ^_^
The belt and a quill.

As birthday presents I received some beautiful homemade (and not homemade) jewelries from friends that went well (or perhaps not quite so well) with my costume. I wore them the whole rest of the day, and the next, and the next...
 A ribbon-flower barrette, a pretty flower/cross beaded bracelet, a rosary bracelet, and beautiful earrings. Also, a handmade bag in beautiful fabric. And a belt with 16 crocheted flowers (I think its and African style-- leastways it looks like it and is beautiful!) and bunches of African porcupine quills in multiples of 16. You can make beads with them. ^_^
So not all of it "goes" with the costume, but I wanted to post about it anywhos, 'cause I wore it all with my costume.

So. Much. Fun.
We walked around the neighborhood and ran through a bit of wood-- all in costume--, danced to Celtic Thunder, rock, and random music, made pizza, sundaes, and pancakes, talked, sang, played games... Boy, was it fun.

No-smiles old-fashioned picture. Just had to include it. :D

About my character:
This song by the Tolkien Ensemble says it all. :D It is the poem "Luthien Tinuviel" by Tolkien. (The short version in LotR, not the one in "Lays of Beleriand" in  Histories.)


Masquerade Masks!

How to make Masquerade Masks! (coming soon)

Masquerade Graphics (coming soon!)

My Elvish Costume

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  1. GORGEOUS costume, mask and jewelry! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  2. i really like that old timey photo! sooo cool :)

  3. Wow,how cool and awesome! I love Arwens costume(who ever Arwen is?)

  4. Love all of this. I read the Silmarillion while I was pregnant, and it is so beautiful, but SO SAD!

  5. I LOVE LOTR! I want that costume!!!!! TOTALLY! :)

  6. I LOVE the sleeves on your dress and the mask! The jewelry is so beautiful,too! :)

  7. wow i really love your dress its really cool. I think that Beren and Luthien was based on Tolken and his wife whose name escapes me.


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