Earring Display Rack

August 22, 2010

I needed somewhere to keep my earrings from getting all tangled up, so I made this earring rack!

All it is is a piece of cross stitch fabric, a cross stitch/embrodiery frame, and a piece of ribbon. If you or a family member cross stitches, you will have these supplies on hand. My aunt sent me her old cross-stitch supplies, but I don't like cross-stitching, so those supplies will make some nice little racks.

To make it, simply put the fabric in the frame, trim off the edges, and tie a ribbon around it. Voila, nice and organized earrings.

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  1. Bula from sunny Fiji!!

    Wow -!! Nice ideas -very creative -now I can use an old spice rack that has been sitting in the cupboard minus bottles!!!

    Thanks for sharing - best of luck!


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