Ink and Fairydust-- August

August 02, 2010

August's Ink & Fairydust is out!
This issue is all about fantasy and sci-fi.
And I have several exciting things to share with you:

Ink & Fairydust now has its own website:

Ink & Fairydust is now on Facebook. Please, please fan us!

Guess whose artwork is on the cover? It was a great honor to get to do it!

I am now being published as Shaylynn Rackers. (FYI, I was "Nenetta" in all previous issues.)

I have an article on Subcreation. Please read the article-- it is (hopefully) informative about the role that imagination plays, and how it is a God-given gift. Why do stories about fantasical things ring at such a deep and resounding level? Go read me article. ^_^

Of course, my montly Art Column and Comic are in there.

I'm now part of the graphics team! YAY! So far I've only done some text-dropping. Unfortunately I won't be able to help out again until we are moved into the new house.

Of course, I want you to read through the whole thing. My poor little article pales in comparison to some of the gems by the geniuses writing here!

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