Masquerade Masks!

August 25, 2010

This post is being published early for AmandaBeth's Masquerade Online Event. Info HERE. It is because of this event that you get ALL these pictures! :)

One of many homemade masks!
Everyone ready for LOTS OF FUN! Haha, I didn't have to blur anyone's faces for privacy because they are all wearing masks. :)
I had a Sweet 16/Moving Away party a few weeks ago! All of my friends love costuming, and with the help of two friends I made some masks for everyone! Here are plenty of pictures to enjoy.

My mask. I put alot of work into it... Please see my "Masquerade Costume Page" for more details!
The Phoenix. One of my favorite mythical creatures, and such pretty, vibrant colors!
The Little Mermaid. The dangling leaves are actually appliques from my friend's old shoes.
Black and white elegance.
(Click to enlarge the following:)
White elegance I
White elegance II

Those are all ones that I made. Here are the ones made by friends:
"Peaseblossom" had a very intricate and blinged-up mask! It was stunning. You can't see it well in this picture, but it has a fake butterfly and lots of handmade ribbon flowers.

Made by "L"
Made by "L" I love the stunning paint job.

Made by "L"

Made by my brother

The mask held at arms' length. :) Made by "L"
Made by "L"


Made by my little sister. Better picture later. :)
Made by my sis and I.

Thilly computer is acting up. Oh well. Here are the the masks laid out, waiting for everyone!!!

My Masquerade Costume!
How to make Masquerade Masks (coming soon!)

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