Random LIttle Things

August 14, 2010

This post is for some random little things that didn't quite deserve their own post but that I took pictures of, just 'cause.

A funny little chainmaille mobius.
Rings! Glorious rings! (Shooot, that Oliver Twist song is now stuck in my head...)
Funny earcuffs that may or may not work... That is, they fit me but I'm not sure if they will actually stay on. I must mess with this design some alot.
TREBLE CLEFS! Just like the Music Notes Set I made earlier. These are fun to make but they would be even more fun with a Wig-Jig.... :P :) (The Wig-Jig is a wire jewelry making thing, basically a board with lots of moveable pegs to wrap wire on.)
Hearts. Maybe to go on earrings. Who knows?
 A wire-crochet ring.

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