Wire Crochet

September 10, 2010

Some more wire crochet! [LINK]

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  1. I want you to make me one... I could actually make one myself, but I don't have the materials and I don't have the money to buy them :(
    And I don't have money to buy one from you I guess, so I'll just continue drooling over them ;)


  2. Flavia,

    Well, this kind of bracelet is very cheap. If you want, I could make you one. It'd be about $4, and that is including shipping. I could make it with golden, red, or regular wire and a main color to contrast (I don't have small beads in every color, though.) If you'd like that, you can email me! um... probably should use my secondary email, just for security.
    lilyanna (at) mail.com


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