Floating Book Shelf

September 04, 2010

Invisible Floating Bookshelf KIT 

A stack of books is suspended on my wall! That or else the bookshelf turned invisible. I think its just too cool.

I made this spur-of-the-moment after browsing "instructables". They give instructions for building an invisible book shelf that requires one bracket, glue, and drilling holes in a book. You can see their instructions HERE.

My first thoughts? 1) One bracket is not very sturdy. 2) Why ruin a perfectly good book? 

So I created my own reusable-book floating bookshelf. 

How to make it:
2 "L" brackets
2 screws and a screwdriver
A few books
Masking tape OR a rubber band
  I did not want to screw new holes in m bedroom wall (that is, Dad didn't want me to), so I took down this tiny little shelf between my bedroom door and my closet door. My mom had a collection of little foreign dolls, and this particular shelf was the "leftover" that I was not super fond of. So step one for me: take down the shelf and use those holes for the L brackets.

Step One:
Screw two L brackets into the wall.

Step Two:

Set a hardboard book on the brackets.

Step Three:

Either use masking tape inside the book or a rubberband outside of it to hold the back cover shut. (I didn't think of masking tape until afterwards-- it would be less easy to remove the book but would also be an "invisible" way of keeping it shut.)

Step Four:
 Stack some books ontop so that you can't see the L brackets. 
 (See the green book? You might recognize that as my Hollow Book Box)

You are finished! If you want, you can add some books standing vertically and other things.

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  1. Thats such a good idea i made one a few months ago but i had to reck a book and I love Books :C

  2. oh oh oh oh oh!! I should do that. :)

  3. YAY! You are so clever! I have been wanting to do this with my book collection but it was so hard to think of a book(s) that I was willing to permanently adhere to the wall. I kinda like the rubber bands. Going to look for multicoloured ones. Good job!


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