Fairy Crown

September 08, 2010

I actually made this circlet last fall. Way to take forever posting... :)

 Roses for my sister, Princess Rose... She loved dressing up for these pictures!

The roses are actually Sculpey clay. The two little rosettes in the back were actually pressed into the wire, and I then baked the entire back piece of the circlet. (The circlet has two parts-- a front and a back-- which I attached to each other.)

I baked the pretty "purpled" roses separately. I attached them to the front peice by twisting the wire (see the picture above). I followed AlleyCatScratch's how-to-make-a-clay-rosette examples.

By the way, the purple circles are inspired by Arwen's Hair Jewel she wore with her Bridge Dress in The Lord of the Rings. Can you tell I am a LotR geek? I mean, AlleyCatScratch has the absolute best LotR costume research and make-it-yourself ideas on the Web... but no one in their right mind would call their site easy to navigate!

Adelynn's hair is so beautiful and long. It gets in her way in gymnastics but is so princess-y.

She loves her circlet. ^_^

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