What would you like to see?

September 29, 2010

What would you like to see?

(EDIT: As you can see, I figured out how to add a poll inside my post. Please vote, and leave a comment with more information and ideas!)

I'm wondering what sorts of things you would like to see on this blog.

Any specific crafts you would like me to try my hand at?

Would you like to see more artwork?

Tutorials? I can make step-by-step tutorials for almost any item on this blog. I can also make video tutorials, since my video camera finally functions! Say the word and I'll see what I can do!

Also-- would you like to see giveaways on here? I've noticed that many blogs do giveaways and it seems a good way to get the word out and make a reader quite happy. :)
(Also a good thing to do with some of the items that get made and promptly thrown in my "crafts box.")

Would you like the ability to purchase some of my crafts/artwork (prints or some originals) on Etsy or Artfire? They would, of course, be priced decently. I would consider taking commissions on small projects. (I already have a few items for sale to help The Shadow of the Bear Movie.)

Please leave a comment! If I make an item from your inspiration, I'll include your name and website/blog in the post I feature it in. :)

Now for some updates:
  • I am BACK! You may remember that I was moving. I had a bajillion posts that I set to automatically schedule. Well, we have settled into the new house. I'm going to be pretty busy, so I will not be posting every couple of days. (You were spoiled, you know, getting a scheduled post every two days!) Yes, the new house is amazing. And I'm having fun with a homeschool co-op here-- I got a good role in the play for drama class!
  • Because I scheduled the posts, I was not able to put in all the links between them. As a result, there are some 30 posts with broken links! Please tell me if you find any broken links. (Leave a comment on that post).
  • I'm working on a new logo! It will be up for votes later!
  • Some of my items are up for sale! I donated them to help out my friend Elena get editing software for her film The Shadow of the Bear. Check it out HERE. See my post on it HERE.
  • I have built my first website, www.inkandfairydust.com! Please check it out!
  •  I am busy illustrating Pen in the Clouds, a collection of short stories by my forum friends. Check it out at www.penintheclouds.webs.com
  •  I have several new projects to post! ^_^

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  1. Hi Shealynn,

    I would love to see more artwork by you, and some tutorials. Giveaways would be really cool too! I love the things that you make, because they are all so beautiful.


  2. How often Do you Think you'll be Posting Now?

  3. I'll probably be posting once or twice a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less... But I'll keep a goal of a minimum of once a week. ^_^


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