Simple and Red

September 24, 2010

Necklace, earrings, bracelet, and ring!
I made this jewelry set for my Mom, who loves simplicity and elegance. I keep borrowing bits of the set when she isn't wearing it. ^_^ We both love deep reds.

The "floating" look is achieved with beading wire (available at most craft stores) and crimp beads. I don't have real crimping pliers, so I used my needle-nose pliers and was able to make it work!

The beads are quite special-- the diamond shaped ones are garnet! (A semi-precious stone!) I found them on sale at Brightling Beads at the same time that I bought the supplies for my Pink Jewelry Set back in November. I still have almost half the strand left. :D

The round beads are actually from Walmart, believe it or not.

You might recognize the earrings as the Christmas ones I posted last year.

I love the way the garnet sparkles like pomegranate seeds. ^_^  Depending on the light, it looks deep red or magenta.

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