A Pink Jewelry Set

January 06, 2010

Meandering swirls of silver surround pink and white glass pears in this jewelry set I made my aunt for Christmas. Although my aunt probably would not like my analogy, this is a Fairytale Princess set.

I was very surprised at how it actually worked, and never once did I have to pull it apart and start experimenting again! I will attempt to give directions-- but if you want to try this, you are going to have to wing it.

What you will need

• 50 something beads, size 6 to 7 millimeters (I used a mix of pink and white Swavorski Crystal glass pearls)

• A bag or two of seed beads (no way I am counting how many I used)

• Floral wire-- a looong peice

• Beading wire/string (make sure it is DURABLE! and it needs to be a few inches longer than the necklace is supposed to be)

• A centerpeice (I used a pink glass donut)

• Earring hooks

• Crimp beads (you don't need this, but it keeps your ends together! I just used normal pliers instead of buying fancy crimping ones)

• Clasps (or make your own)

• Pliers and wire cutters

To start, attach a clasp to the beading string and tie off one end (I used a crimp bead rather than tying). Then, wrap the floral wire around the same end of the string, so it is attached securely.

Put two beads (I used pink/white pearls) and then ONE seed bead onto the string. Make sure they do not go flying off. Next, put seed beads (I used around 12) onto the floral wire. Now, thread the floral wire through the seed bead that is on the beading string. Push the floral wire into shape. You will have to push it in such a way that there are no gaps between the beads on the string. Viola! One little twist done!
Repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Continue repeating until you have reached the middle of the necklace. String on your centerpice. Continue repeating.
Once you have reached the end of the necklace, tie the floral wire to the string, cut the ends. Then, attach the second part of the clasp to the string and tie off (or use a crimp bead).
Instead of just using clasps, I also put some chain on the back of the necklace to make it longer.

The finished necklace. This took me several hours, but its worth it, isn't it?

For the bracelet, you do the exact same thing that you did for the necklace. Be sure that the bracelet is the right size-- wrists tend to vary a good deal.
Remember: put two beads and a seed bead on the string. Thread seed beads onto wire. Insert wire through the seed bead on the string and pull into place.

And now it is time for the earrings! Take a headpin (a bit of wire shaped like a nail, can be found at most any craft store, and Walmart) and wrap the floral wire carefully around the head. Put a bead (pearl) onto the headpin. Now, put some seedbeads (I used 6) onto the floral wire. Wrap the wire around the top of the bead, once. Now, put the second bead onto the headpin. Put seed beads onto the wire and securely wrap around the top of the second bead. Trim floral wire. Cut and loop the ends of the headpin, then attach to the earring hooks.

Please tell me if you have any questions about making these! Also, tell me what you think. :) This is my favorite set so far.

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