Refinishing the Evenstar

January 24, 2010

I am a Lord of the Rings fan, and several years ago I was Arwen for Halloween. Mom found an Evenstar pendant for $3, and it has been a favorite peice of fun jewelry. But I had never liked the fact that it looked so fake.

So, of course I had to fix that. :) I remember reading on the LotR costume research site that the cheap Evenstar had a white film on it that made it look so fake. I'm sure that the film was there to keep the necklace from getting rusty or something, but my Evenstar was old enough (not to mention broken-- one of the "jewels" has been missing for years) that it couldn't hurt it very much.

Out came the X-acto knife, and I set to work scraping the film off. I was surprised at how different it looks! Here are the before and after pictures (sorry about the picture quality, my bedroom has got bad lighting). The pictures don't really do it justice. Especially because of the different lighting.

Here is a picture of the (now seven dollar) Halloween version, the seventy dollar "real" version, and the fundred and fifty dollar "replica" version.


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  1. *sigh* That 'real' version is so gorgeous! I wish I could justify spending seventy dollars on it.... well, I shall just have to marry a jeweler so he can make me one!

  2. I know... its dazzling... gorgeous... *dies* lol!

  3. Hello,

    My name is Dawn and I'm from Spain. Searching for a realistic Evenstar necklace, I saw yours and I fell in love with it. I mean, where did you find the "realistic" one? Or is it made by you? Tell me, TELL ME, please tell me T_T


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