Elvish Clay

March 02, 2010

In addition to the clay Gold Evenstar, I have made several other Elvish clay creations based on the Lord of the Rings movies. To make these, all you need is some Sculpey clay.

 To make your thinner clay creations sturdier, paint over the peice with Mod Podge or another kind of glue. This will also work extremely well for gluing broken creations back together. My two year old brother smashed all of these pictured into at least three separate parts. Two coats of Mod Podge later, and you can't hardly tell they were broken. Also, for a more metallic, realistic look, coat with a glaze. I wore my Chase Buckle to a dance, and everyone thought it was metal and that I had bought it!

My brooch out of Sculpey clay

The brooch as sold by Noble Collection

 Arwen wore a butterfly brooch as a clasp on one of her many capes. I made my own version by rolling out the clay, using a toothpick to cut apart the main pieces (the wings, etc), rolled up bits for the antenna and swirlies at the bottom, and used a toothpick to carve the designs on the wings. Mine is two inches wide.

My simplified version of Galadriel's brooch

Galadriel wore a beautiful, intricate silver and mother-of-pearl brooch. Mine is all clay! I used the same techniques as above.

My version

Arwen wore this brooch (or is it a buckle? It is hard
to tell) on her Chase outfit. It was definitely confusing-- I realized that there are four "petals", two "leaves" and two "stems", with ends intricately wrapped and twisted around each other. My only suggestion, should you choose to attempt this, is to pay very close attention to the picture.

My Eternal Star, a failure in my opinion...

As sold by Tolkien Town

Now, this one didn't turn out so great. I have been using the pictures that came in a little booklet inside our Lord of the Rings DVD. You know, the ones where they try to sell you all the coolest, most expensive trinkets related to the movies? This was called the "Eternal Star" or something. I couldn't find the same picture online. I spiced up the clay with some beads.

There you go! My adventures with clay... and being a total Lord of the Rings geek. :)

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