Old Artwork, Again

March 14, 2010

Found more art pictures in an old file! :)

I made the above picture when I was around 12. It was for a church/school auction. The Last Supper drawing below was also for the auction. (Click READ MORE below)
I remember being so amazed at the price they sold for-- 50 and 80 dollars!!! Obviously, it was for a fundraiser auction, but that is still crazy and cool. :)

These were some of my first attempts in a new mess of mediums-- pen and colored pencil. It remains my favorite.

Detail of the Guardian Angel drawing

The Last Supper.

In progress

 Some drawings I made three years ago for the director of the play The Prince and the Pauper, which my brothers and I were in. Oh, I should find a picture of the set. I helped paint it, Dad did most of the building!

A portion of the set

I made this acrylic painting when I was 12. It was my first major painting, and so far the only face I have ever done.
A random set of drawings, when I was 13 or so. I have always been into elvish/fairy stuff!
A pen and ink drawing for the cover of the booklet thing for my aunt's wedding, when I was "nearly 14"
Georgie Henle as Lucy Pevensie. I made two of these; I actually sent one to Georgie Henle when I asked for an autograph. :)
My second pen-and-colored-pencil drawing, obviously I made this before Guardian Angel and Last Supper.

Old cards. These were my very first attempts at Celtic knots and Celtic calligraphy, a few years ago.

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