Howarts Hidden Box

March 02, 2010

A stack of letters
It looks inconspicuous enough, except for the fact that it is Harry Potter themed. An envelope (which I wish I had "weathered") displays a very precise address (which is smeared in the picture). It reminds one of Harry Potter's acceptance letter: Harry Potter, The Cupboard Under the Stairs, Little Whinging, etc.

Other themed papers are in the stack-- a letter from Ron, a parchment from Hermione, a Howler, and a page from my brother's HP journal. All tied together with a fitting piece of brown cord.

But all is not as it seems.

Is that... a box?
It opens up, revealing a letter from Harry at the Auror HQ.... and... a box! And on the bottom of the box is a copy of the First Year Hogwart's booklist.

I wanted to make a hidden book box, but lacking a nice book ruined enough to use (since we cleaned our our bookshelves), I realized I had to improvise. So out came several envolopes, bits of paper, a printed page of the Daily Prophet and The Quibbler, etc. I stuffed the envolopes with old paper that hadn't yet made it to the recycling box. Then, I glued it all together. I made sure that the glue spread far enough that the box wouldn't affect it and small enough that you could still read the bits of paper. 

Then, I took the Xacto knife and cut out the box! It took far too long, because I had a very dull blade. I then coated the edges of the box with glue for added stability, tied the string around it, and voila.

Don't let my brothers know you know about their special box. Oh, and I never told you that it is home to their homemade Rings of Power. And I did not say that I will be sneaking a picture of those rings and putting them up on the blog someday. :)

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