Penguin Amigurumi

March 13, 2010

What is Amigurumi? I'd wondered that myself. It is, apparently, the "Japenese art of crocheting small dolls or toys."

On the Fairy Tale Novels Fourm, I was on an adventure with Yaviel. We metamorphed into purple penguins and got kidnapped by The Boss... well, long story short, I made a penguin for Yaviel!

I'd seen some pictures of crocheted dolls on Ravelry, and thought I'd go for it. I pulled out yarn scraps and set to work! I did not follow any pattern (I didn't even know it was called Amigurumi, and had never done any pattern similar before).

I did alot of things in very ineffective ways (I have since learned how to crochet multiple colors properly. All I did was sew white ontop of the purple). But I got a very cute little three-inch penguin! :)

I think I will be trying Amigurumi again. Although I might actually spend the time to find a pattern and/or basic amigurumi instructions.

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  1. Hey Shaylynn, Lion Brand's website has a lot of Amigurumi patterns on it. You could try there and see...



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