The Golden Snitch Jewelry Set

March 02, 2010

The Golden Snitch jewelry set
Almost any familiar with Harry Potter will remember the Golden Snitch, a key ball in the game of Quidditch! I made a jewelry set based on the Golden Snitch. It is fairly simple.

I simply took three glass pearls (sizes may vary, or be the same). Then, I took six feather beads off of a necklace to use as the wings. My uncle Tom gave me a pretty necklace with these feathers for Christmas, but I didn't like the colors so much. I felt a little guilty about taking it apart... :P

Next, I took some floral wire, threaded the beads (a pearl sandwiched between two feathers/wings), and tied it into a loop at the top. The wings can be spread out, as I did for the necklace, or left side-to-side, like I did for the earrings. If the wing beads flop around the wire, hold them in place with a few daubs of clear fingernail polish.

My first set-- I did not like the size of the earrings or the fact that I forgot the Golden Snitch is, well, golden. But the white pearl is classy. :)

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  1. Oh, oh, oh! It's beautiful - you really are THAT talented.


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