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March 12, 2010

I am, yet again, posting for the mere sake of taunting my few readers. :P

You see, I got onto the computer with the intention of posting at least six posts, instructions and all. That would be just a small fraction of the crafts/art projects/etc I have done recently.

I got onto the computer. Paint Shop wouldn't open up (and all of the pictures had bad lighting). Then, I realized I was on my brother's account and he doesn't have access to my files. And then I realized that my bedtime, one which I'd better not miss by even a minute, is in only a few minutes. I might/might not be able to post tommorrow.

Can you all pray for my family? Especially early this week? This being the internet, and this being a public blog, and this being a public blog that more than just close friends read, I can't put up too much info. But prayers would be appreciated. :) Danke!

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  1. Seems like the world is against you, so I'll send you fairy dust and smiles with my owl. *smile*

    Have a magical rest of the weekend, and enjoy the weather even if you don't really notice it!

    Live Life -Flavia

  2. Smiles and fariy dust for you, my friend

  3. I actually never meant to send two, but I didn't see the little warning that said that you have to confirm, so i assumed that the first one got deleted or something. So I sendt again... ^^



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