Self Portrait?

March 16, 2010

I didn't make this to be a self-portrait. It doesn't look like me at all, to me. I drew it as a random person from my imagination.

But my little sister, who watched me sketch this, said, "Oooh, Shaylynn, it's you!"

Today my toddler brother, who loves going through my sketchbook and looking at all the "purples" (colors), came to me, thrust it in my face, and said, "Zay-zay! Oo!"

My other brother heard, and said, "You didn't do a very good job making it look like you. You should put glasses on it."

I thought that was funny so I scanned it in to tell you guys.

While I was writing this, another brother came in and said, "Why've you got an unfinished picture on the computer? Uh, who's that? That supposed to be you?"

I still don't see it. :P

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