Tea and Jewelry

July 23, 2014

In the midst of studying for the four tests I take today (yes you read that correctly!) I was pretty productive this last week! Here's a quick look at my latest projects. :) 

(Also I need help naming posts, apparently. I was going to name it "New Finished Projects" or "Updates" and then decided to be boringly descriptive and name it "Tea and Jewelry"... oh well. Please tell me that other bloggers have this problem, too!)

New in the Sketchbook:

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.' - C.S.Lewis
I'm working on a series of small sketches and illustrations for the wonderful Regina Doman. It's actually an old project that didn't go anywhere before-- she's bringing it to life! Regina Doman is the author of some wonderful fiction novels (such as the Fairy Tale Novel Retold series) and fellow fans of hers have been very instrumental in my life.

During her travels, Regina will do "Fairy Tale Tea Parties" in which she will give talks and sign books at small tea parties hosted by fans. The illustrations are for a tea party booklet!

This is a work in progress shot from my Instagram account (which y'all should follow for more behind-the-scenes of making art and jewelry) with a couple more of the sketches.

 New in the Shoppe:

Here's a peek at the newest listings in my Shoppe. I made some pieces for custom orders, too.

Bluebell Chainmaille Bracelet-- I'm especially proud of figuring out a brand new chainmaille weave! (Well, brand-new to me!)
Aurora Rhinestone Pearl Earrings -- designed to go along with my Princess Aurora circlets and cuffs
Blue to green ombre chainmaille bracelet
This bracelet took quite a bit longer than most pieces I make using this weave, since it is too tiny! It's more feminine and elegant, and of course I made this with my all-time favorite color pairing: bright, non-tarnish sterling silver, and a huge variety of shiny blues and greens!
Autumn Red flower spray leaf hair clip -- that's a really long name for this piece but at least it's descriptive. 
Here's the same hair clip on a lovely model!
Mint Green chainmaille flower bracelet. I LOVE combining the ultra-modern, sleek look of colorful enameled wire with the historical look of chainmaille and the whimsical fun of my signature leaf flowers!
Golden Galadriel Star Flower Earrings-- with green crystal dangles
Rustic Celtic Copper Cuff
OK, so this one is a bit of a cheat-- it's not a new item in my Shoppe. It's been up for a couple weeks. But during a fantasy-themed photoshoot, I photographed this stunning model wearing the copper cuff from Eowyn's Jewelry Set. The gown was handmade by a friend of mine, and the sword is a replica of Glamdring-- Gandalf's sword from the LotR movies!

Summer Greens Enchanted Forest Earrings. The Enchanted Forest earrings seem to be a favorite-- they are at once elegant and elven. I normally make them in solid colors, but these various shades of green just called to me. Also, can I geek out about this photograph? I don't know how I got the sunray to be "just so" but I'm loving it!

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  1. I love your flower bracelets, especially the new one Bluebell Chainmaille Bracelet.

  2. I was wondering if the tea cup illustrations were for Regina!

  3. I love the Golden Galadriel Star Flower Earrings, and the Chainmail and Flower Bracelets, and the "Arm Cuff" as well!

  4. And the Aurora Earrings, as well, are beautiful!

  5. I think the name Tea and Jewelry is just perfect! I cannot believe that you did all of this work and studied, the sketches are beautiful and the pieces are awesome, I love the ombre bracelet-blues and bright greens are my fav this year too. The Celtic Copper Cuff is another one I love. I hope you get some rest at good luck on your tests! :)

  6. I'm so in love with the Aurora Rhinestone Pearl Earrings


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