Dragonfly Wings, Rhinestones, and Fairy Garlands

July 11, 2014

I found this post in my drafts from earlier this spring! 

When I was little, I used to think that dragonflies were the fairies' cousins. They are so quick and beautiful, with sparkling, flitting wings... I actually got the idea for this necklace while sitting out by the pond watching some dragonflies hover above the water!

It's a stylized version of a dragonfly, though. Very Art Nouveau. The tassle thing is new. I've never used anything like that in a necklace before but I like it!

Copper is so beautiful to work with and so deliciously creamy when paired with pearls.

(This necklace is on my Shoppe).

Here is the necklace, along with other assorted jewelry I've made, on one of my lovely models.

This one's called the Woodland Fairy Garland! I made a necklace similar to this for my friend Laura's Entwife Costume that she wore to a Lord of the Rings ball-- pictured below.

So, the new necklace is not a new idea, but I do like it better the second time around. The vine-like branches are studded with iridescent Czech glass leaf beads and I made a flower pendant as a centerpiece.

This little fella is just something pretty. It wasn't inspired by anything but shiny beads. I think I'll name it after something related to stars, though. Think it looks like a shooting star? I'll go with that. :) This is a Shooting Star pendant.

These two beaded necklaces were not as complex to make (although I'd forgotten how long it takes to string a necklace instead of using chain!) but that doesn't mean they are boring!

I've found myself wearing smaller pieces like these quite often; more will be appearing in the Shoppe. Sometimes the simple things are the most elegant.

Also this necklace was featured in the Saint Louis Post Dispatch. :) Here's the link to the story! I thought it was funny that they chose this necklace set, because it was far simpler than the other ones I brought by their photography studio. However, I think they chose it because it's more conventional than the all-out costume fantasy jewelry I lean towards.

EDIT: I wrote this in the spring, but I wanted to let you know that this summer I've made more variations on this beaded double-stand leaf and flower necklace. Here is one, in more busy summer sunset colors!

Another Aurora Circlet! This one already sold, but I usually have one or two in stock. These pieces are frequently made to order in any case, so I can adjust band size and colors and such.

Here it is, modeled by a beautiful friend:

You can see more pictures of various Aurora circlets I've made here on a masterlist of all posts containing the circlet and it's variations!

And here is another piece that I completed recently; an arm cuff (now sold) inspired by the same Entwife jewelry set.

That's all for now, I'm busy with classwork but keep in tune because this summer I will be working on jewelry full-time in the midst of my summer classes!

EDIT: Hi, now it's me from the summer, aka NOW! I hope you enjoyed this peek at just a couple random jewelry pieces! Love, Shaylynn. :)

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  1. Your items are so unique and beautiful. Takes me back to Camelot and a simple time.

  2. Wow, these necklaces are gorgeous.

  3. Some of your creations are so me :)

  4. You are quite talented. I love the style of your creations. Very nice. Rita Spratlen

  5. I would love to see the woodland fairygarland in purple


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