Hollow Book

August 26, 2010

June 20th 2010

I love cubbyholes, secret passageways, keys, old maps, and tiny treasures. And I love books. A hollow book is right down my alley.

If you Google "how to make a hollow book" you will get lots of helpful instructions, such as this website.

Mine is a rather ametuer production. I didn't have a "box cutter" (whatever that is) so I cut out chunks of pages with an Xacto knife. I didn't measure the exact sizes of the box, I didn't Mod Podge before cutting, I didn't file down the inside pages, I didn't glue felt on the bottom....

But I like it. :)

I found this book for 50 cents at a garage sale. Aside from the fact that some of the pages had stains as if someone had spilt soda on it, it was in excellent condition. I felt a little bad cutting out its pages... Mom actually had to remind me that the sole reason I bought it was to destroy it. (I love books a little much, don't you think?)

A nice, respectable, unassuming little book, don'tcha thunk?

Of course, my brothers saw me slaving away, tearing out all the pages... and I am putting this on my blog. So I can't really hide any valuables inside of it. It doesn't matter-- ITS A HOLLOW BOOK. A secret box. And that it just too cool.
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