Elvish Circlet

September 22, 2009

It hath long been a dream of mine to own Elvish jewelry. Who could not, if they but once hath seen The Lord of the Rings? (By the way, today I am randomly writing in semi-Old English. Just so you know.)

Such silver filigree as never known! Such delicacy, detail, wonders to behold!

And then, to the greatest of all dismays, dashing wild hopeful hopes to the ground and slathering them with the mud of disappointed, I made the amazing discovery that... any replica, of whatsoever quality, costeth at least $30. The beautiful detailed intricate creations... somewhere in the $200 range.


Make my own.

So, I hereby present to thee... A Circlet (no kidding)

Much fun was gained from this pleasurable experience. Listening to some music (not to mention music and music), I worked with wire for a couple hours. There is nothing like the joy of creating something beautiful... (or, not so beautiful, but at least an attempt at beauty)

HERE IT IS!!! (I'm proud of it, even though its not much.)

I used 20 guage wire and one fake pearl bead. To connect the various swirls of 20 gague wire, I twisted floral wire around it. A couple of easy-to-break places I added a touch of fingernail polish to hold it steady. (You know you are a crafty [muahahaha] when you use more fingernail polish on projects than on your fingernails.)

The hook in the back was made with a beaded chain with an S-hook at the end. With this chain, there is no need to secure the circlet with clippies!

My apologies for a lack of better pictures. Sometime I will try to get one with a black background.

 Guess who got pictures-- nearly a year later?! This has been a favorite tiara with all the little (and not so little!) girls playing over at our house! You can definitely see the wear and tear (and bending, from the swirls tangling in hair, which I didn't bother to correct) in these pictures.

Sorry there is so many; my sister was such a compliant model and too sweet.

On black; the one twist has obviously slid up. An easy fix had I caught it before I snagged the picture.

It can be worn as a crown instead of tiara!

She got a little annoyed at the end... she wanted to play princess, not take pictures!

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  1. how did you learn how to do this? I've been looking at all of your stuff, and you are so good!! I was just wondering where you learned how to do this so I could maybe take it up. Thanks!!

    Maria (FYI, that's my username on the FTN forum)

  2. Well, I looked online for ideas and pictures of stuff other people have made. From there I just made it up... If you study pictures of jewelry enough, you can typically decipher how it is made. For the crown, I looked at several websites of medieval and fantasy crowns. Most of them used soldering to hold the wire together, but I just did alot of twisting with the wire. :)

  3. I want to be arwen for holloween. Do u know anywhere that i could find an easy way to make the coronation crown that wont look really bad or a place where i could buy it for less than 10$

  4. Hello, Willow Ephira!

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to find something like this for under $10. Cheap, boring crowns can be found during Halloween season, and pretty expensive ones at costume shops.

    Crowns like this I have only seen at handmade sellers on Etsy and Artfire, and usually at ridiculous prices. I'd do some internet searching.

    Of course, it is very easy to make a crown like this if you have around $10, patience, and a little bit of skill. You will need a pair of jewelry pliers, 18 ga wire, floral wire, and beads. As you can see, the circlet above is simply made out of some 18 ga wire twisted and attached to itself with floral wire.

    I would be more than willing to take a commission and made something like this for you; I am hoping to set up an artfire shop soon and I can make a customized, reserved listing if you want. Something such as what I've pictured above I would value at $12.

    Something like this at $18:
    ( http://shealynns-faerie-shoppe.blogspot.com/2010/09/celtic-circlet.html )
    ( http://shealynns-faerie-shoppe.blogspot.com/2010/09/flower-circlet.html )

    And for the shipping costs about $3 (for the box and a delivery confirmation). So in all something like this would cost $15-20.

    Please leave a comment if you would like me to make you something, or if you would like more info on making this kind of circlet (I can do a tutorial). I can give you my email if you are interested!

  5. Oh my goodness Shaylynn! That is beautiful! I will HAVE to make one! You are amazing!

  6. Hi, sorry but we found a crown that we are improvising. Thanks for the offer though.

    PS saw your autumn photos and they are AMAZING

  7. That's great, Willo Ephira! I hope it works out wonderfully!

  8. Just as a heads up to new people visiting this blog page, which has been getting a lot of views lately-- this circlet didn't wind up lasting very long. In the past two years I've gotten MUCH better at crafting with wire... I can make designs similar to this one which cost a little more but last WAY longer and look a lot nicer.


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