New Materials!!!

September 15, 2009

Hooray!!! I have some new materials!!! Thanks to small towns like ours, it can be very difficult to find beads and wire... A friend suggested I look online, so I spent some of my birthday money on the most beautiful beads and a ton of wire.

I've wanted some leaf-shaped beads for making Elvish jewelry. After some reasearching, I discovered these awesome Czech glass beads. They are a bit pricey but very good quality. And pretty. Most sites have a pack of 24 for $4. I found a site called BrightlingsBeads selling them for $2. They have free shipping (no minimum order!) and had a great Labor Day sale.
For the wire, Mom found a website called Our Lady's Rosary Makers (OLRM). We also got a pair of round-needle- nose rosary making pliers from them. Ben fell in love with it and has already finished half a rosary!

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