Fairy Jewelry Set

September 15, 2009

More wire jewelry! I've simply fallen in love with it... the materials I used for making these shown here are:

  1. 20 guage wire found at a garage sale
  2. Floral wire from Walmart
  3. Leftover beads from back when Walmart actually had beads
  4. Longnose needlenose pliers (which I raided from Dad's toolbox)
  5. Wire cutters (again, raided from Dad's toolbox.Before I found the wire cutters I had used an old pair of scissors.)
This a circlet I made for a friend who is going to a Renaissance festival as a fairy:

A bracelet, ear cuff, and ring to go with the circlet:

The bracelet was alot of fun- I twisted wire into two bracelets, overlapped them, and then twisted the wire and beads through it.

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  1. shaylynn your jewelry is beautiful keep up the good work
    aunt joan


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